Meet the 2016 Committee

Karen Mutton (President)

As a Primary School Teacher Librarian I see the promotion and engagement of students in high quality Australian Literature as an essential part of my role.  To help young students develop the skills to become independent readers and a love of reading is one of my passions.

While I am currently the Teacher-Librarian and a classroom teacher at Saint David’s Parish School in Tea Tree Gully I have worked at a number of different Primary Schools during my career.

I have been a member of the CBCSA branch for a few years now and have recently taken on the role of President with the intention to do all I can to continue it’s role in the promotion of literature to young Australian’s.

Linda Guthrie (Vice President and Website Manager)

A Teacher Librarian and Research Project teacher, I am actively involved in Teacher Librarian professional associations and The Children's Book Council of Australia (South Australia).

I have always had a love of children’s literature and reading, so the opportunity to be more involved in The Children’s Book Council of Australia was one not to be missed.

Through my membership I have seized the moment to build on my interests and skills, meet talented authors and illustrators, and collaborate in organising some of the marvellous events the branch supports.

Anna Angelakis (Treasurer)

Since helping at my high school library, I have always been interested in Librarianship. Working in the State Library of South Australia since 1983, I have had the pleasure of working firstly in the old Children’s Library and the Young Adult Services, and more recently in the reference area.  My interest in children’s books and young adult books led me to the The Children’s Book Council. A member since 1992, in that time I have assisted as a general committee member, Secretary and now the Treasurer and Merchandise Officer. It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding time.

Judy Miller (Secretary)

As a teenager I attended a boarding school where reading wasn’t encouraged in the boarding house.  It wasn’t until I attended a course on Children’s Literature as an adult with children of my own that I rediscovered the joy of children’s books. What a lot of wasted reading years! This led me to begin training as a teacher librarian so that I could share my love of reading and help motivate young readers. Later I was encouraged by an amazing bookseller to extend this interest by becoming a member of the CBCA. I have been associated with the committee for a while now and this year I return to the position of secretary.

Val Van Putten

I have been a member of the CBCA Branch Committee for nearly twenty-five years. In the course of that time I served as Branch President for nine years and National President for two. I edited the Newsletter for nineteen years and the now-defunct Book Week Ideas Book for twelve. I have been judge for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards, and involved with the organization of two national conferences. Out of all of this the things I enjoyed the most and am most proud of were the Newsletter and the Ideas Book.

Julie Wells

I have been a member of the CBCA for over 16 years, joining as an interested teacher and librarian.

For those of us passionate about all things to do with books and reading, CBCA is a great organisation with a wonderful history and fine reputation, and it offers us all the opportunity to spread the word to readers and promote creators!

Nola Uzzell

I have been a teacher librarian for more than 40 years in a variety of guises and schools. I am currently part of the Teacher Librarian team at Golden Grove Primary School. A major part of my teaching and learning program has always been the 'Literacy through Literature ' component, building confident and critical readers with a love of literature and I have drawn heavily from the Childress Book Council programs, resources and PD to achieve this. This year I have reduced my teaching load and had some spare time so thought I should give back to the organisation by contributing to the committee in whatever role I can be useful.


Maria Komninos

I've been a teacher for over 20 years in a variety of roles and schools.

Background in PE and science and children's literature.

In the last 10 years I have been involved in different things involving promoting authors and books. From book clubs, community TV and reviewing books.

My main love is children's literature and thought what a better way to do that but by joining the CBCA because all kids so look forward to the annual book week. And I wanted to see how we could promote reading in schools and the community better.

Katharine England

I have been accepted as one of three judges for the Older Reader category in 2017/18, the only South Australian to apply.

I have had a lifetime relationship with books: I was brought up in a very small flat and in self-defence my book-loving parents took me to a children's library at a very early age. As a teenager I worked in a fine and famous bookshop, (Clay's, now sadly no more) in Sydney's Kings Cross. I have an honours degree in English Literature from the University of Sydney and have been a book reviewer ever since I arrived in South Australia in 1968. I currently review Australian and overseas fiction and children's books regularly for The Advertiser and children’s books for Magpies. I was a CBCA judge in 1993/4 and an Eve Pownall Judge in 1997/8.  I’m really looking forward to being forced to read a whole stack of fabulous Australian teenage and YA novels, although not so much to having to choose between them!


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