Book Week Merchandise

Wow! Magnificent! 

These were my first thoughts when seeing for the first time the merchandise poster which advertises what we can expect for this year. 

Designed by Shaun Tan the result is stunning don't you agree?

Keep checking the website for when orders can be made through your local branch (us) to receive a 10% discount for members.


This very useful handbook includes Short List Information and Classroom Activities.

Buying this handbook is highly recommended. It not only contains judges’ annotations for Notable Books but the Short List and information about the creators of these books. There is also valuable information about the CBCA Book of the Year Awards. Most importantly, it contains an explanation and guide to Shaun Tan’s poster and the iconic Australian picture books he has referenced in the artwork, plus Teachers’ Notes and Classroom Activities. This handbook and the exclusive information included is © copyright CBCA.

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