Amazing! This was the first time I was able to get to the Book Group and what a marvellous experience it was. There were 7 participants who each brought along one or more books to discuss. Over two hours we talked about twenty-six different books. And now I have even more books that I want to add to my already long list of books to read! I spent most of the time listening and trying to take notes but have decided that Reading Time and Booktopia have very good reviews which will be more comprehensive than my hasty scratchings.

All members are welcome to come along to the next meeting of this group which is held at the Holdfast Hotel Glenelg on 9th May at 7pm.


The way we roll by Scot Gardner

Suggested for upper secondary.

The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis

The Hired Girl by Amy Schlitz

One Thousand Hills by James Roy

It was thought that this book could be read to classes with care by a sensitive teacher due to the atrocities that occurred. Students will have questions about this book.

Camel Rider by Prue Mason

A fast paced story about survival and friendship.

The yearbook committee by Sarah Ayoub

A committee is formed of students with different backgrounds to create the private school yearbook.

Similar to ‘The breakfast club’. An interview with the author can be found at

This raging light by Estelle Laure

An American teenager tries to survive without her parents and look after her younger sister at the same time as coping with normal school life.

Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel

16 year old girl is struck by tragedy when lightning strikes her and she requires a face transplant. This is the story of her recovery and discovery of herself.


The Dreaming Tree by Jo Oliver

Includes atmospheric images of Australian Poetry.


The family with two front doors by Anna Ciddor

This story is based on the life of the author’s grandmother and her very generous and charitable Jewish family in Poland pre-war.

Teresa: A New Australian by Deborah Abela

Teresa is a 1950’s immigrant from Malta.

Shatterbelt by Colin Thiele

This book was used with good results with a year 5 class which liked the tension involved. Discussion was generated around the vocabulary.


 A soldier, a dog and a boy by Libby Hathorn

How to be famous by Michael Shalev

Reminiscent of Mo Willems pigeon books

Reflection by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg

Each double spread shows two different meanings to the text - a modern day journey to a Remembrance Service and an historical image of war.

The Blue Whale by Jenni Desmond

A non-fiction Picture book which is useful for getting facts about whales for JP classes.

wednesday by anne bertier

This is a useful book for Harmony Day as it has the theme of playing together.

Stick and stone by Beth Ferry

Another book recommended for a friendship and getting along theme.

Bob the railway dog by Corinne Fenton

Highly recommended picture book of an historical story.  Peterborough has a bronze statue dedicated to Bob.


The Hindi-Bindi club by Monica Pradhan

The Sleepwalkers Guide to Dancing by Mira Jacob

Another book about Indian migration

The Physician by Noah Gordon

Us by David Nicholls

A husband plans a trip of a lifetime to try to keep his family together. Written by the author of ‘One day’

A year of marvellous ways by Sarah Winman

By the author of ‘When God was a rabbit’.

The disclaimer by Renee Knight

A psychological thriller

Sheila: the Australian beauty who bewitched British Society by Robert Wainwright

This is the fascinating story of a little known Australian woman.


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